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The BEER! War

Screenshot The Beer War is a simulation of the beer business. You take over a brewery and must build up the biggest beer company. In order to win the game, force your enemies into bankruptcy. But beware: there are nine opponents with the same aim. So you have to ruin them before they do it to you!
You have to build breweries, depots and conceive new brands, transport your beer to other cities and take care of your accounts. But the most important thing is: lower the price of your beer to increase your sales.
The game offers three different scenarios, each requiring a different strategy to win.

Download the latest version

Version Date Size Changes
The BEER! War
583 kB
  • added new global statistics
  • bugfix: corrected display when changing price for third brand
  • bugfix: delete standing orders (german version only)
The BEER! War
V2.42 09.02.2002 545 kB
  • option to reduce capacities
  • change winning conditions
The BEER! War V2.41 16.11.2001 541 kB
  • beer!.ini moved to install dir
  • german version included
The BEER! War
V2.40e 21.11.1999 533 kB

The full version
The shareware-version allows unlimited playing on the first scenario, but if you like the game, I am sure you want to use the following extras:
  • three scenarios
  • standing orders
  • two-player game
  • expert level
  • change the winning conditions

How to get the full version
To use all the features of the full version, simply enter your name and the universal code 42615808.

If you have questions or comments about the program, contact me: Marc-André Seekamp

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